Our world is digitally transforming. Instead of re-framing existing problems again and again, science-to-industry and industry-to-science knowledge spillovers provide solutions to advance productivity and economic growth.

The setting
THE PIIK Workshop is a unique, invitation-only workshop bringing together cutting-edge scientists and industry leaders from the fields of digital marketing and social networks in a stimulating and inspiring environment. The objectives of this workshop are to identify new challenges emerging from more socially interacting customers, dynamically changing environments, and consequently an increasing amount and availability of data. The consequences on markets and individual organizations are dramatic and finding solutions is a challenge.

This unique and exclusive workshop takes place at the high valley of Lenzerheide in south-eastern Switzerland – situated amongst downhill slopes, alpine huts, and sunny panoramic terraces. Breath-taking views, the crispy mountain air and the wonderful location guarantees a unique and productive experience, providing a stimulating and inspiring environment.

The idea
Five CxOs of leading Swiss enterprises will be interviewed by our expert team on their individual challenges in the digital transformation. The results will be condensed and sent to fifteen of the world’s leading scientists in the fields of network science, data science, and online marketing. These experts will in return develop initial ideas on the individual challenges brought by each firm. Within the three-day workshop, we will form groups consisting of three scientists and one enterprise member each to work out the individual firm challenge. Outcomes will be presented on the last day and discussed in a closing panel round. The scientists will summarize the findings of the seminar in a collaborated research review article.