Our world is digitally transforming. A lot of uncertainty exists within and among firms. The digital revolution reshapes the ways in which companies produce and people consume and recasts the connections between companies and individuals on marketplaces. These changes have caused a lot of uncertainties in markets, have questioned analytics, and call for big shifts in strategic decisions. Essentially, the digital transformation has created a vast array of new opportunities and just as vast new challenges.

During this guest lecture series, leading experts from the digital sphere will talk about the challenges and threats of digitalization for their firm. They will give in-depth insights on how business processes must be adapted to a digital world. In specific, each talk will address the following three key questions:

  • Which are the key challenges of the digital transformation within the industry?
  • What does it mean for the firm to become digital?
  • How do existing processes change(d) during the digital transformation (best & worst cases)?

Our guests for this series are:

  • Swiss Post
    Thierry Golliard, Head of Open Innovation & Venturing
  • The Relevent Collective AG
    Florian Wieser, Founder & CEO
  • die Mobiliar
    Michel Gicot, Head of Corporate Development
  • Swisscom
    Jürgen Ziehfreund, Head of New Business Development – Swisscom Digital
  • Migros
    Wolfgang Zimmermann, Senior Customer Experience & Technology Manager
  • Ringier AG
    Juan Barón, Chief Digital Officer
  • Lufthansa Group
    Kai Hannwacker, Head of Customer Data Development
  • UBS Switzerland AG
    Dr. Simon Heimlicher, Project Manager Multichannel Strategy
  • SBB
    Peter Kummer, CIO
  • McKinsey
    Dr. Sebastian Kerkhoff, Project Manager

Talks are public. For an overview of all guest speakers, see the schedule here.

In case of any questions, please contact Margot Löwenberg.