The Two-Factor Model (TFM) of personality is a model of personality traits structure that was discovered through factor analysis of traits, with two broad factors (also known as metatraits) emerging at the highest level (Digman, 1997; Saucier et al., 2014). These factors/metatraits have been found to possess a theoretical meaning that corresponds to many psychological constructs developed and used in personality research (Digman, 1997) and to have the potential to integrate the various concepts (Saucier et al., 2014; Strus & Cieciuch, 2017). The TFM was developed in the course of research on the Big Five traits (Goldberg, 1990; McCrae & Costa, 2003) and can be treated either: (1) as its continuation and extension (DeYoung, 2015) or (2) as a step beyond this tradition, opening new possibilities for personality structure description (Strus & Cieciuch, 2017).

Authors: Jan Cieciuch and Włodzimierz Strus