Sebastiano A. Delre is Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing at Bocconi University.

Primary Research Focus

Innovation diffusion, new products, social influence, advertising, social networks, social-media, marketing modeling, agent-based models.


Sebastiano A. Delre uses quantitative methods to study marketing phenomena such as innovation diffusion, new product introduction, social influence, social media and advertising. He studies new types of social influences that affect consumers’ adoption. For example, in his recent work, he demonstrated how consuming experience goods such as movies, concerts, and sport events, together with other consumers, affect the penetration and the life cycle of new products. His work also focuses on the use of computational methods such as agent-based-models to study marketing dynamics and to simulate the effects of managers’ decisions on the real market.

Exemplary paper

Delre, S. A.; Broekhuizen, T. L. J.; Bijmolt, T. H. A: The Effects of Shared Consumption on Product Life Cycles and Advertising Effectiveness: The Case of the Motion Picture Market, Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming 2015.


Sebastiano A. Delre holds a Master Degree in Communication and Artificial Intelligence. He received his PhD in marketing from the Marketing department, University of Groningen.