Samuel Bitton is an award winning professional fine art landscape photographer, based in the foothills of the Swiss Alps.

Since a young age, outdoor activities have played a big role in his life. It is however, only at the age of 24 that photography started to bind with his deep passion for nature. In 2000, following his very first acquisition of an analogue SLR film camera, he suddenly discovers the combined pleasure of capturing the beautiful landscapes he encounters with the possibility to share them with an audience.

Following a 10 year career as a software engineer in the space industry, his deep passion for photography together with the growing success of his work, allow him to turn the page in 2010 and become a full-time fine art photographer.

His work regularly receives awards in the world’s most prestigious photo contests. His fine art prints continually find their place in new homes all around the world. He deals with world-renowned companies, and also with local businesses, tourist information centres, editors of magazines, books, calendars and postcard. Since 2010 he auto-edits his own large format calendar on the Swiss Alps and offers workshops all year round.

In 2015 he publishes in auto-edition his first author book “Majestics” in which he shares the very best of his 12 year photographic work on the Swiss mountains.