Director of the University Research Priority Program on “Social Networks”
Chair of Marketing and Market Research (Ordinarius) at the University of Zurich
Founder of THE PIIK

René holds the Chair of Marketing and Market Research (Ordinarius) at the University of Zurich since 2009. His research interests lie in studying consumer behavior and online marketing phenomena. He has conducted extensive basic and applied research on predictive social analytics with actionable insights on (virtual) communities, social networks, social media and technology. His research focuses on the ways social structures shape individual’s behavior and in reversal how individual’s behavior reproduces social structures. More recently he has worked on the effects of social networks on influence processes, opinion diffusion, risk preferences, social learning, human values and cooperation. He has published several articles on marketing-related issues in the discipline`s leading international journals, including Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Service Research, Scientific Reports or Harvard Business Review. He was an editorial board member of the Journal of Marketing between 2011-2016 and regularly serves as reviewer for the discipline’s top journals. Professor René Algesheimer has won several international awards for his research.

Originally, René wanted to become a professional musician. However, when he realized how difficult this is, he decided to become a professor. He loves music, photography, (fantasy) books and brings energy to most projects.