Assistant Professor of Network Science at the University of Zurich

Claudio J. Tessone is Assistant Professor for Network Science at the University of Zurich (Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technologies), where he also serves as co-director of the University Priority Programme on Social Networks. He holds a Masters and PhD in Physics, where he studied stochastic processes and the role of heterogeneity in complex, interacting systems. Prior to his current appointment, he was senior researcher at the Chair of Systems Design of the Department of Management, Economics and Technology at ETH Zurich, where he obtained a Habilitation on “Complex socio-economic systems”. He is an expert in the modelling of economic, social and technical systems from a quantitative and interdisciplinary perspective and has more than 60 papers in diverse areas. His current research focuses on complex socio-economic systems: formal and informal organisations, their communication and knowledge exchange, by means of theoretical models, the development of methodological tools and data analysis. Another research line focuses on blockchain and Bitcoin, specifically in the economic and technical aspects of these groundbreaking technology: Emergent economic patterns, apparent and hidden incentive schemes, the design of new systems, design of decentralised, scalable architecures.