Jerry, holding a masters degree in electrical engineering started his career in the telecoms industry as a software engineer and moved into marketing positions soon after graduating with his second masters degree in business management. He held various marketing positions at telecom operators in Switzerland and also worked internationally as a strategy consultant for Accenture. In 2010 he changed industry to assume positions in the marketing communications of Switzerland’s largest retailer. Currently he is responsible for tactical marketing and CRM at Migros.

Jerry is married, the father of two boys and lives outside of Zurich.


Company Profile Migros

Migros is the largest retailer in Switzerland, operating more than 600 supermarkets and specialized non-food markets throughout the country. The company was founded in 1925 by Gottlieb Duttweiler who turned it into a cooperative structure, which according to its statutes is supposed to reinvest all earnings into the business. The Migros group is not only a retail supermarket but operates several industrial companies which produce many of the products sold in the stores. With revenues of CHF 25 billion and 70’000 employees it is the largest private employer in Switzerland.