Project Leader of the University Research Priority Program on Social Networks at the University of Zurich (Switzerland)
Associate Professor of Psychology at the Cardinal Wyszynski University in Warsaw (Poland)

Jan Cieciuch (born in 1974) received the PhD degree in psychology in 2006 and habilitation in psychology (in Poland) in 2014. His interests focus on positive psychology, personality psychology, developmental psychology and methodology. Jan Cieciuch together with Włodzimierz Strus developed the Circumplex of Personality Metatraits that enables a far reaching integration of various constructs and models developed within many sub-disciplines of psychology, including traits, character strengths, value priorities, motivation, emotion, identity formation modes, mental health, well-being and personality disorders. He created Personalitas – a team of researchers – who are using the Circumplex of Personality Metatraits to work on the synthesis of these constructs within one unified framework, taking into account the structure and functioning, development and pathology of personality. Jan Cieciuch with his Personalitas team developed many instruments to measure various aspects of personality and well-being.

His recent publications appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Research in Personality, Journal of Happiness Studies and Journal of Youth and Adolescence.