Guido Caldarelli is Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca and fellow of the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Primary Research Focus

Methodological tools, modelling and analysis of networks of interactions in social, economic and financial systems. Currently, he is particularly interested in the mathematical extension of graph theory in order to describe the present technological systems (namely the multi-layer structure of social systems) and in the application to finance and economics.


Guido Caldarelli has a vast record on studying social, economic and financial networks. He devised methods to determine systemically important nodes in networks of financial exposures among institutions. He further introduced the celebrated fitness model for network formation that has found application in the most diverse fields, including unveiling relevant traits in the network of World trade.

Exemplary paper:

Economic Complexity: Conceptual grounding of a new metrics for global competitiveness, A. Tacchella, M. Cristelli, G. Caldarelli, A. Gabrielli, L. Pietronero, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 37 1683–1691 (2013)

DebtRank: Too Central to Fail? Financial networks, the FED and Systemic Risk. S. Battiston, M. Puliga, R. Kaushik, P.Tasca, G. Caldarelli, Scientific Reports 2 541 (2012).

The papers are available here.


Professor Caldarelli got his Degree in Physics in Università La Salienza (Rome) and received his Ph.D. from SISSA (Trieste). He was postdoctoral researcher at University of Manchester and University of Cambridge, where he worked with Robin Ball and stayed in Wolfson College. He returned to Italy as a lecturer at National Institute for Condensed Matter (INFM) and later as Primo Ricercatore in the Institute of Complex Systems of the National Research Council of Italy. He is currently Full Professor in Theoretical Physics at IMT Lucca from 2013. He also spent some terms at University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and in 2006 he has been visiting professor at École Normale Supérieure in Paris and in 2009 at ETH Zürich.


Professor Caldarelli has more that 140 publications (more than 80 of them in the realm of complex networks) and edited two scientific journals and written two books. He has published his research in journals such as Nature, Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review E, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Scientific Reports, Physics World, among others.


Professor Caldarelli is very active in several European research projects: he firstly coordinated COSIN, one of the first projects on the analysis of Complex Networks in 2001-2004. Then he collaborated to the DELIS project, until 2006. From 2011 to 2014 he coordinated the Forecasting Financial Crises project. Since 2012, he coordinates the MULTIPLEX project while participating in SIMPOL (on Complexity and Policy) and DOLFINS.