Flavio is a Senior Research Associate at the URPP in Social Networks at the University of Zürich. His background is in theoretical physics and complexity science. After receiving his degree in physics at La Sapienza University in Rome with a thesis on collective animal behavior, he moved to Berlin where he obtained a Master degree in theoretical physics with a thesis on statistical physics of glasses and polymers folding.
In his doctoral studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, he combined methods from network science and statistical physics to unveil hidden geometries in network-driven contagion phenomena.
He is currently working on the identification of influential spreaders in temporal networks.
His main research interests gravitate around complexity science and how the underlying interactions shape the emerging behavior observed in socio-technical systems. He loves discussing and sharing new ideas with people with similar interests and all that is related to the creative process. In his spare time, he loves listening as well as playing music and running in the green spots of the city.