Postdoctoral Researcher and Project Leader at the University of Zurich

Margot Löwenberg has a Business Administration background and finished her doctoral studies on Dynamic Processes in Marketing in 2015. Her research interests lie in marketing dynamics, product adoption, salesperson performance, and social media marketing. Margot led several joint research projects with companies working on topics such as employee motivation, customer satisfaction, and social business solutions. She teaches introductory classes in marketing analytics and R as well as statistical methods, such as machine learning. Margot is the Project Manager of THE PIIK, an initiative bringing together leading personalities in society, industry, research and education working in the fields of digital marketing, network science and data science with the objective to bridge the gap between industry and science and identify and solve challenging problems in the area of digitalization.

Margot is a passionate traveler who has visited all seven continents, has photographed wildlife around the globe and loves international cuisine. She leads a very active lifestyle and is a marathon finisher.