Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Digital Economy at the University of Zurich

Andrea Giuffredi-Kähr is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Digital Economy at the Department of Business Administration. Prior to joining the University of Zurich, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Marketing Department at the University of Bern where she received her PhD with distinction in 2017.

Her research focuses on brand management and consumer-brand relationships, particularly how the digitalization transformed these areas and its implications for marketing management. For example, digitalization has led to increasingly transparent, collaborative, and empowered consumer markets. Whereas some consumers use such new ways of collaboration to engage in positive activities that are highly beneficiary for brands (i.e., joint product development or support in a brand crisis) others use their newly gained power to deliberately harm brands as is the case with brand sabotage. In her research, she has thus examined, for example, why consumers attack a brand, what the damage of such behavior can be for the brand and how companies should handle this new phenomenon.

Andrea has published her research in the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of the Association of Consumer Research and presented her research at international conferences such as conferences of the Jay H. Baker Retailing Center, Wharton School of Business, the European Marketing Academy (EMAC), and the Institute for Brands and Brand Relationships (IBBR).

She currently teaches two master lectures: brand management in the digital age and digital marketing.