Congratulations to Dr. Cindy Candrian and Prof. Dr. Anne Scherer for the new manuscript “Rise of the machines: Delegating decisions to autonomous AI” published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior (IF: 6.82).

The study was motivated by the need to understand the hows and whys of decision delegation to autonomous AI. The authors investigated not only whether people are willing to cede control to AI agents but also whether AI can reduce the under-delegation that is especially pronounced when people are faced with decisions that spur a high desire for control.

In particular, this research links topics such as decision delegation, social risk, and control premium to the emerging field of trust in AI, and finds that people prefer to delegate decisions to AI as compared to human agents, especially when decisions entail losses.

These findings have important implications for research on trust in AI and the applicability of autonomous AI systems for managers and decision-makers.

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