Congratulations to Zhao Yang, Hui Liu and Jianhong Lin with the publishing of their paper “Modeling and simulations of the cascading failure of multiple interdependent R&D networks under risk propagation“.
Authors: Hui Liu, Naiding Yang, Zhao Yang, Yanlu Zhang, Jianhong Lin

In this paper, we study the robustness of multiple interrelated R&D networks under risk propagation. Firstly, using a bi-partite graph to represent the interrelated R&D networks is emphasized and proposed. Secondly, a risk propagation model is built by defining risk load and risk capacity of each enterprise on a specific R&D network, Thirdly, we use simulations to study risk propagation in interrelated R&D networks. Our results indicate that there exist three critical thresholds to quantify the robustness of R&D networks. Risk propagation in R&D networks is highly affected by the heterogeneity of all enterprises’ scales and risk capacities.