Congratulations to Manuel Mariani and Claudio Tessone with their Paper in Physics Reports. What an outstanding achievement!

The title is “Nestedness in Complex Networks: Obersavtion, Emergence, and Implications”. More information can be found here.

Nestedness in complex networks: Observation, emergence, and implications
One of the most fascinating traits of complex networks is the existence of common structural and dynamical patterns that are found in many systems from diverse domains of science, nature, and technology. This review article focuses on a widely-studied structural pattern, called nestedness, which corresponds to a specific hierarchical arrangement of the interactions between the network’s nodes. Originally observed in biogeography, nestedness has been found in a wide variety of systems, including economic trade networks, contractor networks, and ecological networks, among many others. This article discusses how nestedness can be measured in empirical networks, the potential insights that it provides into the mechanisms that shaped the network’s formation, and its implications for the system’s robustness against targeted attacks and perturbations. Besides, it discusses applications of nestedness to economic problems such as the prediction of economic relations, nation-level development, and firms’ failure.