This year the following PhD Students attended the EMAC 2018 in Glasgow:

Doctoral Colloquium Participants:

  • Jana Gross, ETH ZÜRICH
    Are Influencers Holding Up to Their Name
  • Andrea Bublitz, University of Zurich
    News Consumption on Social Media: When Do We Actually Read the News That We Share
  • Zhiying Cui, ETH ZÜRICH
    Why You Shouldn’t Humanize the Tree Hollow: Anthropomorphic Chatbot Design Interferes with Information Disclosure

Conference Presentations:

  • Julia Wamsler, University of Zurich: Inferring True Inter-Purchase Times from Incomplete Information: A Model Comparison
  • Zhiying Cui, ETH Zürich: Paying with Data or Paying a Fee? A Global Investigation of Fair Data Use and Payment Preferences on Facebook
  • Petra Tipaldi, University of Zurich: The Agony of Choice: How to Present Complex Innovative Systems to Older Adults
  • Olivier Reimann, University of Zurich: The Effect of Multiple Endorsements: Differences Between Celebrity Endorsement and Celebrity Co-Branding