We are welcoming Dasha Kolesnyk from the Erasmus  University Rotterdam to our PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research. She will give a talk on “Gender and Age Differences in Deceptive Self-presentation on Online Social Networks:  A Large-Scale Cross-cultural Study”.

This research examines gender and age differences in deceptive self-presentation on online social networks (DSSN) across 25 countries in the World. We have explored DSSN in the domains of physical attractiveness and achievement and find that it is a worldwide phenomenon with substantial prevalence rates in all countries. Moreover, it varies with countries’ level of development. Gender differences in DSSN suggest that men score higher on DSSN in the domain of achievement, while women score higher in the domain of physical attractiveness. However, the patterns interact with country level of development, possibly reflecting cross-country variation in gender equality and roles. Age differences in DSSN appear to be universal, showing that younger people engage in more DSSN. The implications of the findings are discussed.