It is our pleasure to announce that Prof. Richard Bagozzi from the University of Michigan will visit us 18th September. He will talk about the following topics:

  1. Some Initial Explorations in Neuroscience in Marketing
  2. Some Thoughts on Happiness, Well-Being, and and a Meaningful Life for Academics

We look forward to his visit!

About Prof. Richard Bagozzi

Professor Bagozzi does basic research into human emotions, decision making, social identity, ethics, theory of mind, theory of action, and neuroscience. This work has been applied to the study of consumers, patients, doctors, salespersons, managers, military officers, and organizations. He also does research into multivariate statistics and its relationship to measurement, construct validity, theory, hypotheses testing, and the philosophy of science. The methods he uses include experimentation, survey research, and qualitative research. Recently he has investigated biological bases of manager and consumer behavior by use of fMRI and EEG analyses and genetic and hormonal methods.