Andreas Schollin-Borg, Co-founder and CEO at Batmaid will speak about digital marketing within the bachelor course on Personal Branding and Digital Marketing organized by the Chair for Marketing and Market Research at the University of Zurich.


Andreas Schollin-Borg worked as a shipping broker for IFCHOR alongside his Master’s degree in Commodity Trading from the University of Geneva.

On a stint in New York, he was inspired by a digital home cleaning platform and decided to bring the concept back to Switzerland in the form of Batmaid. The company’s mission is to fight black market cleaning.

Dominant domestically, he is now extending Batmaid’s success story across Europe.

Across his wider ventures, the hallmark of Andreas’s success is the disruption of service industries with Swiss quality, evident in his turnaround of Hotel Bristol in Verbier, his founding of Gotham co-working spaces, and the opening of the Taratata restaurant.

He has further expanded his horizons into healthcare through Babylon Science and efficiency software with Addmin.