Associate Prof. Dr. Andrea Weihrauch will give a presentation in PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research about “The A-VO-SP Map: A Research-Driven Application to Unify and Visualize Sustainability Marketing through Actors, Value Orientations and Sustainability Positioning”.

Andrea Weihrauch is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Consumer Psychology at the University of Amsterdam – Amsterdam Business School. She obtained her PhD from Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany and completed her PostDoc at KU Leuven in Belgium, with visiting appointments at London Business School, University of Southern California, and Stanford University.

Her research focuses on how consumer behavior changes as the lines between humans and machines become blurry and consumers are exposed to technologies such as (humanoid) robots, technological human-enhancement products, artificial intelligence, and virtual/augmented reality.

She specifically examines how to use (disruptive) innovations for consumer well-being and positive societal change. As such, technology ethics, technology-based inequalities, and privacy-related consumer research are part of her interests, and she focuses a lot of her work on vulnerable/marginalized consumer groups. Her work has appeared in major academic journals such as Journal of Marketing and Journal of Consumer Psychology.